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At Investacard, our mission is to make sports card investing convenient and rewarding by providing users with the most complete and transparent trading card marketplace in the world.

Investacard offers buyers and sellers access to investment-worthy trading cards from all four major sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey. From vintage classics of decades past to newer rookie cards, we have it all. Most importantly, new cards are added to our marketplace every day, making the Investacard marketplace the most comprehensive online collection of trading cards.

Leading an Emerging Market

By connecting hundreds of sellers and buyers every day, Investacard is leading the emergence of collectible sports cards as a real asset class. Compared to other online platforms and stores, Investacard offers all users an unparalleled marketplace experience by prioritizing minimal transaction costs, increased liquidity, and complete transparency.

The Most Trusted Marketplace

Above all, we are committed to building a trading card marketplace built on trust, fairness, and honesty. We ensure every transaction in our marketplace is made with the utmost integrity and transparency, hence providing investors with a bidding environment that is fully honest and reliable. We are here to provide you with the best trading card investment opportunities, as well as your peace of mind.

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