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Investacard has the most extensive collection of investment items in the online trading card industry. By having the broadest range of products and a large base of investors. we set the market standards for transparency. impartiality. and overall professionalism. We are committed to offering an efficient selling experience, with the lowest auction fee schedule. highest closing prices. and a supportive customer service team that is always available for you. Here is what has made Investacard the most popular auction venue for sellers:

  • Most competitive prices in the industry
  • Reaches more bidders per event than any other online venue
  • Lowest auction fees of any established auction house
  • Faster payouts than other platforms
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy auction management and tracking
  • Always accurate and up-to-date images and item descriptions
  • Around-the-clock customer service

Net More for Each Submission

We reach more bidders around the world than any other online auction house. Our investment platform combines eBays worldwide reach with traditional third-party marketing to increase views. engagement. and participation for each event. Investacard connects sellers with hundreds of thousands of prospective buyers every month.

All the Tools You Need

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  • Our user-friendly auction dashboard is directly linked to the eBay marketplace, allowing members to monitor and manage their auctions for their convenience and peace of mind.
  • All sales are transparently reported in the member dashboard.
  • We include every detail. clearly outlined for easy access and understanding.
  • Receive your check just days after an auction closes or choose bank transfers for even faster payment.
  • Cash advances may be available to auction submitters once a submission is received in house.

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